Floyd Rose Audio “3D” Pro Headphones Review: Changing The Way You Listen To Music

By: Ray Martinez

Whenever I shop for tools that I feel will help enhance my performance as a DJ, I usually shop for quality and durability of these products. Yes, price may also be a big factor in my buying decision, but I also want a product that will make me stand out on how I look on stage.

At the recent DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, I came across one such product in the Floyd Rose FR-52 “3D” pro headphones. I must say that what I heard on these headphones was an experience that sent me into a musical euphoria.

I was totally blown away by the noise isolation without compromising the quality of sound. If you are a working musical artist, DJ or just a music junkie, you deserve to hear music the way it was produced in the studio.

My personal music choices include Old School R&B, Salsa, Frank Sinatra, and Smooth Jazz. When I was flying home from the DJ Expo, I plugged in the 3-D headphones and started listening to the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, (who recently passed away earlier that day). These headphones gave me a new found experience and appreciation that I never had before when listening to the greatest hits of Aretha Franklin.

I felt I was in a studio with Aretha enjoying a personal concert with no one else in the room. It took her music to a whole new level as I perfectly heard all the highs, lows and mid-range in her voice. The technology that the engineers designed truly enhanced my listening experience.

In regard to the comfort of the headphones, the ear cups surrounded my ears and delivered just the right balance of 3-D sound and I actually took them off my ears only once on a five hour flight back home.

One other nice feature is the headphone cable has a built in microphone, volume and on and off switch so that it easily switches from listening music to receiving phone calls. Overall, on a 1-5 star scale I would definitely rate the Floyd Rose Audio 3-D headphones 5 stars. You will not be disappointed and the price is very affordable compared to other regular sounding quality headphones on the market. Happy listening!