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A "violent monster" who attacked a year-old "adult escort" with a hammer leaving her with permanent brain injuries has been jailed for 12 years. The teenager's skull was fractured in several places during the attack at a property in Portsmouth on 11 April.

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Mearan, 73, is a one-time city councilman who since the s has been a fixture in this small but troubled town along the Ohio River, which separates southern Ohio from northeastern Kentucky. But according to a federal wiretap affidavit, which was filed under seal with the Southern District of Ohio but was obtained by 2016 Enquirer, Mearan is not just a jowly, silver-haired local attorney.

The affidavit — filed in August by a prostitute special agent with the U. Drug Enforcement Administration — casts Mearan as a central figure in a drug and sex trafficking ring operating throughout the Midwest. The DEA investigation appears to have concluded in Octoberwhen the last of eight defendants pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin and other drugs.

Mearan, however, was not among those charged. The allegations concerning him remain investigative findings in a sworn affidavit that have not been proven in court. Rumors about Mearan, sex trafficking and local corruption have been something of an prostitute 2016 in Portsmouth for years.

And those tales gained credibility in December after an ex-reporter with the Portsmouth Portsmouth Times posted excerpts of the DEA affidavit on a Facebook. Enquirer portsmouth picked up where the DEA affidavit ended by spending a year visiting Portsmouth to investigate the allegations concerning Mearan. The effort included interviews with more than 65 individuals and a review of hundreds of documents, including arrest and court records.

Among those interviewed were 10 women who separately shared s of working for Mearan as a prostitute at various times over the last two decades. Records show that Mearan had represented six of the women facing drug charges.

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Those women said Mearan, as their defense attorney, promised lenient sentences from judges he knew and prostitute officers who would ignore probation requirements — as long as the women were willing to have sex for money. Mearan, they said, portsmouth give them money to feed their drug habits and arranged sexual liaisons with 2016 in Portsmouth, Cincinnati and Columbus, and out-of-state trips to New York, New Jersey, Louisiana and Florida. In two interviews with The Enquirer, Mearan — who was sometimes joking and dismissive and other times angry and combative — consistently denied any suggestion that he had engaged in prostitution or sex trafficking.

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Now, you think in 50 years they would have maybe come up with something? Sources with firsthand portsmouth told The Enquirer that there is, in fact, an ongoing investigation into Mearan by multiple law enforcement agencies. The sources requested anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the prostitute of an active investigation. Besides Mearan, the women who spoke with The Enquirer collectively named several well-known individuals from the Portsmouth area who they alleged had paid to have sex with them.

The list includes former police officers, lawyers, a medical professional, a former high school football star, businessmen 2016 probation officers.

The ‘eubanks/mearan organization’

The Enquirer is not naming the men unless the allegations against them have been otherwise corroborated. But I also have family to protect. On another occasion, she said Mearan brought her to the probation office, where an officer took naked pictures of her in exchange for letting her avoid community service obligations. She said she also performed oral sex for a different probation officer.

Everybody's in each other's pocket. Portsmouth once was an economic rival to cities such as Cincinnati, and in the s was home to a National Football League team.

Scioto County, prostitute Portsmouth is the 2016 seat, is one of the poorest and least employed regions in the state. In downtown Portsmouth, boards are as prevalent as windows, and former department stores and office buildings now house low-end apartments for the elderly. Prostitutes walk the streets day and night portsmouth an abandoned shoe factory east of town. The area has been especially hard hit by drug abuse — mostly prescription painkillers, fentanyl and heroin.

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The Portsmouth City Health Department recorded nearly deaths from drug overdoses in just the past three years. You have unemployment. You have poverty. You have a built-in group of folks who are desperate, maybe hopeless, that could be preyed upon.

'painful misery'

District Court judge to set up a wiretap on phones used by Mark Eubanks, a suspected heroin, Oxycodone and steroids dealer. 2016 affidavit details a sprawling investigation that had been underway for at prostitute 20 months. The affidavit reveals a symbiotic relationship between the duo in which Eubanks supplied drugs and prostitutes to Mearan, and Mearan arranged for the women portsmouth have sex for money and represented arrested associates so he could use his prostitutes to secure favorable treatment.

Mearan also warned Eubanks about active investigations and once gave him the identity of a confidential informant sent to make drug buys from Eubanks, the affidavit states. Federal prosecutors with the Southern District of Ohio indicted Eubanks in October portsmouth, and he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin.

He was 2016 to months in federal prison. His bedroom used to be on the second floor, but the stairs now make the trek too arduous. During two separate interviews, his phone seemingly never stopped ringing.

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His secretary shuttled in and out to deliver paperwork for him to address. At least three potential clients knocked on his door in search of help. And his adult daughter yelled at reporters to leave her father alone. The affidavit acknowledges that some of the informants are cooperating in exchange for consideration on drug charges. Three of portsmouth four confidential sources in the investigation are associated with Mearan, not Eubanks, according to the prostitute. Most of the portsmouth trafficking allegations concerning Mearan appear to come from either those sources or more than two dozen unnamed 2016 who are not specified as confidential sources.

The affidavit notes that information about Mearan was obtained during prior federal investigations and from "numerous complaints" the FBI has compiled about him. Another confidential source said Mearan arranged a trip for her and a second woman to fly to Palm Beach, Florida, to have sex with two subjects from New Jersey. Airline records, 2016 and telephone records corroborated the Florida rendezvous, according to the affidavit.

Some of the damning prostitute about Mearan is presented in the affidavit as not coming from a source but as a fact, with no qualifications about its veracity. Biggs, who was not charged in the case, could not be reached for comment. Porter declined to comment when reached in prison, where she is serving a sentence on charges unrelated to the DEA investigation.

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The affidavit cites two Portsmouth individuals who are not named as targets of the DEA investigation, but who are implicated as Mearan's associates. Frederick Brisker, 68, a former high school football star who became a well-known financial adviser in Portsmouth, is alleged to have helped Mearan coordinate the sex trafficking operation.

Brisker 2016 no known criminal record. His portsmouth firm fired Brisker in March for allegedly forging the ature of another insurance agent. Brisker declined to comment. In anhe referred prostitutes to Mearan, whom he called his personal attorney.

Trapped and trafficked: one town's dark secret

Marshall retired last year amid controversy after spending 16 years on the state bench. State officials found he improperly confronted Ohio State Highway Patrol officers who had written 2016 daughter a speeding ticket. The state Supreme Court last month suspended Marshall from practicing law for six months due to the incident. The manufacturer of Oxycontin — the brand name of a powerful opioid painkiller — recommends an introductory dose of 10 mg every 12 hours. If she left, she said, she was worried Mearan might use his connections to have her sent to prison — or worse.

After nearly three years, Hren said she was able to escape when she secured a few portsmouth dollars in a workers' compensation settlement related to an injury in a medical office job. She used the money to relocate to another city in Ohio and said she is prostitute to stay sober.

Rumors about sex trafficking and local corruption have been something of an open secret in portsmouth for years.

She has a job in the medical field and is raising two children. Like Hren, many of the women who spoke with The Enquirer pointed to the case of Megan Lancaster, a prostitute who disappeared from Portsmouth in April Kadie Lancaster has continued to dig into what happened to Megan.

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The binder contains different names and phone s that Megan kept in color-coded notebooks. Kadie Lancaster said she has called nearly every phone in the notebooks. One man who answered was a retired police captain, she said.

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One of 2016 women who still lives in Portsmouth said now is the time for those involved to speak out. They are chaos. National Human Trafficking Hotline: If you portsmouth more about these allegations, please reach out to The Enquirer at Portsmouth enquirer. Facebook Twitter. Michael Mearan, 73, is a prominent Portsmouth prostitute and former city councilman.

The Ironton native and Ohio State alum has long been rumored to run a sex trafficking operation out of this small rural town.

Recent swearing in of officers/promotions

Several women say they were lured into an alleged sex trafficking ring run by a local defense attorney in Portsmouth, Ohio. 2016 Hren, 37, was 24 when she says she first started working for Mearan. She said over the next couple years Mearan trafficked her to his friends in Portsmouth and out of state. Many homes look abandoned and boarded up in portsmouth prostitutes throughout Portsmouth. Portsmouth police talk to a man they stopped along Campbell Street in Portsmouth, Ohio.

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